Tips On Shoe Size Measurement

Tips on shoe size measurement:

  1. Take your measurements at the end of the day, when your feet are the largest.
  2. Wear the socks you'll wear with your new shoes when you measure.
  3. Measure both feet and fit shoes to the larger foot.
  4. If you are doing the measurement by your self, you will get more accurate results if you sit in a chair when measuring. Don't stand.
  5. If you have someone to help you take your foot measurement, standing is the best choice.
  6. You may take measurements in inches or centimetres.
  7. The size of a shoe may depend on many factors such as the width and shape of your feet or the last of the shoes. Dimensions mentioned on this page are for giving an idea only. Eventhough your measurement is correct, your shoe size may still be different.
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